InterPlay Australia - Body Wisdom

What is InterPlay?

Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter are the founders of InterPlay.

InterPlay explores the wisdom of the body through simple body movement and vocal techniques that help reconnect a sense of personal wholeness and discover creativity. Play, movement, expression and connection are key concepts explored through InterPlay techniques.

A regular monthly InterPlay group is held on the 2nd Sat of the month at Bethany Reserve, Bethany SA

Facilitated by accredited InterPlay leaders Angela Lange and Janet Pfeiffer.

We would love you to join us! Contact Janet Pfeiffer.

For more information about InterPlay in Australia go to website:  InterPlay Australia.

We are in an age of information overload. 

Information is physical and will accumulate in our bodies and overload us unless we find ways to release it.

"Exformation" is an InterPlay term for the process of moving information out of our bodies. The simplest forms we use for doing this are sighing, breathing it out and/or shaking it out. 

On a Soul Nurture ART Retreat Day we naturally "exform" by breathing deeply, gentle movement, walking in nature, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation. Soul Nurture is an excellent way to ensure that you have plenty of opportunity to "exform" and release energetic effects of stress and overload. 

Simple movements clear away the mental clutter,
help you to feel more present in the here and now,
more relaxed, peaceful, lighter.

Created by Janet Pfeiffer