That quiet place
inside of her,
was getting louder and louder.

Janet Pfeiffer - Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
Janet Pfeiffer is an Art Therapist and an Intuitive Mixed-Media Painter.  She is an explorer, inventor and colourful soul.  Janet uses a variety of art and art-related materials, tools and techniques to create art effects that are used in her creative artwork.




A few months back Janet ceased making art and teaching. She had developed what she now calls some "bad habits" that were holding her back from the real discovery and possibilities she had known previously. She no longer allowed her instincts and intuition to show her the way. Janet says, "I became overly self-conscious and lost my motivation and enthusiasm for making art. I no longer appreciated the value of my own instincts toward creativity. Instead the following habits had crept in."


·      Becoming fixated on one painting for long periods of time

·      Trying to determine whether each piece was "good" before moving on to the next

·      Sticking to the same palette or medium for too long

·      Believing that her work should have a consistency or ‘style’ that would give it an

        overall identity

·      Deciding how a painting should look before it is finished.




Recently Janet remembered her passion and purpose. Imagining, discovering and creating what she wanted through trial and error. With no limits and no rules. Simply trying different techniques and mediums to help her discover what worked best and what didn’t.


She says, "It was fun! I enjoyed the experience of working freely, keeping an open mind, without worrying about or being tied to the outcome. The act of creating was as important as a finished painting. I remembered the exhilarating experience of watching shapes form and colours emerge until I saw something that got me excited! I was not afraid to experiment and be inspired to create new forms of creativity."


With this renewed enthusiasm Janet is ready once again to explore and experiment and invites YOU to journey with her. Whether you are the most timid novice or have years of professional experience these mixed-media art classes will have something to offer you.

All art materials provided

Tea & Coffee available

BYO Lunch

Cost $60 for the day



To register your interest:


Contact Janet on 08 8564 8251


Email janetpfeiffer@mac.com

Created by Janet Pfeiffer